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After a long hiatus, I was finally able to go see my sister in BC and play games with her kids. My records indicated that I hadn't played a board game since February 2020! So I was super excited not just to visit with family, but to also play as many games as we could squeeze in. There's never enough time, and there were a number of favourites we couldn't get to, but we did get through a fair bit.


Finally took a summer vacation and went and visited some family in BC. Got a little gaming done the first week, got a lot done the second. Here's what we played.


Had the privilege of looking after a cousin's kids for a few weeks over September and October. They live close to my sister, too, so I also get to spend extra time with them. I was still working, and now that the kids are older there was much driving around, so things were really busy, but I made sure to bring lots of games because I knew there would be at least a few days where we could game ourselves sick. I brought maybe half my collection. It's hard to say. Two huge suitcases and a box full.


Spent time with some in-laws over Christmas and the new year and got some gaming in. Here's what we played.


I got away last week and was able to spend time with a bunch of nieces and nephews (ages 9–18). I brought three suitcases of games and we got through most of them. The total ended up being 25 individual games played over 60 times. Here's an alphabetical list of games we played, including a link to Board Game Geek (where you can get more information on the game) and a count of the number of times we played. This is a long post, so dig in.


I got to spend a whole week with 12 nieces and nephews this month and got some grown-up gaming in, too. I was able to play a who...


For the past few years, we have spent New Year’s Eve with Adele’s family. This year we had some neighbours join in, too. I look...


For New Year’s Eve, Adele’s family got together for dinner and fun. Attending were 13 adults and 8 kids ranging from 3 months to...


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“Bohnanza” by Rio Grande Games

If you’ve known me for long, you know I’m an avid gamer. While I enjoy games...