My name is Aaron Dalton. I have a BA (Hon.) and an MA in musicology from the University of Calgary. My area of focus was sixteenth-century Italian secular vocal music. I can speak, read, and write English, French, and Italian. More information on my academic work can be found on my page . I also discuss my thesis on my master’s thesis page .

I am a professional editor and typesetter, with expertise in music editing and typesetting. I am an active member of the Editors’ Association of Canada . I’m currently an editor for the Alberta Energy Regulator (the successor to the Energy Resource Conservation Board of Alberta) in Calgary, Alberta. More information on my professional affiliations and activities can be found on my LinkedIn page .

I am also relatively active on GitHub , where I manage my boardgaming website and contribute to various other projects.

If you know me personally, and would like to connect via social networks, visit my Facebook profile or connect via Twitter .