This is part of my 2015 series on podcasts I’m currently listening to . This post lists general talk shows that don’t seem to fit into any other category.

The list is in alphabetical order. The name of the podcast is linked to the feed itself (what you’d copy and paste into your podcast app). The “(info)” link will take you to the podcast’s homepage, where available. The “content” field tries to give you an idea what to expect as to language or disturbing content. As for ratings, clearly I like the podcast at least somewhat or I wouldn’t have it on the list at all, so I’m going with a 3-star system.

  • Three stars means I look very forward to the next episode and almost always listen to the entire episode.
  • Two stars are ones I still really enjoy, but I sometimes skip at least parts of the episode, maybe even half.
  • One stars are podcasts that I feel are hit and miss. I will routinely skip sections of the podcast and occasionally skip an entire episode.
  • Podcasts marked with the package_favorite  icon are über favourites. These are the ones I think just about everybody should listen to.

Again, let me know if you have any questions, and don’t hesitate to make suggestions for other podcasts I should listen to.

package_favorite  Common Sense with Dan Carlin (info )

  • Rating: 3/3
  • Frequency: sporadic (mostly monthly)
  • Duration: 60 minutes
  • Content: family friendly

Here, Dan Carlin talks about the news of the day.

Ear Biscuits (info )

  • Rating: 1/3
  • Frequency: weekly
  • Duration: 60–90 minutes
  • Content: very occasional mild language

Rhett & Link (of Good Mythical Morning fame) interview other Internet superstars. They also occasionally do segments just about them and their relationship. I skip interviews of people I’m not interested in, but the non-interview episodes are great.

East Meets West (info )

  • Rating: 2/3
  • Frequency: monthly
  • Duration: 30 minutes
  • Content: very occasional mild language

Tom and Roger just sit and chat about whatever. Not for everyone, but I enjoy it from time to time.

The Gist with Mike Pesca (info )

  • Rating: 3/3
  • Frequency: weekdays
  • Duration: 30 minutes
  • Content: occasional strong language and adult topics

A short daily podcast that discusses current events. I don’t always agree with Mike, but I do enjoy the show.

No Agenda (info )

  • Rating: 3/3
  • Frequency: 3 a week
  • Duration: 2–3 hours
  • Content: occasional mild language

My guilty pleasure. I’m not into the conspiracy theories, but they do have some interesting discussions of current events.

Start the Week with Andrew Marr (info )

  • Rating: 2/3
  • Frequency: weekly
  • Duration: 45 minutes
  • Content: family friendly

This BBC Radio 4 program tackles a wide variety of topics with a panel of three or four diverse individuals. Most of these shows are awesome, and I’ve discovered a lot of new books.