As much as I love listening to lots of music, I recently started listening to podcasts and am completely hooked. I’ve tried in the past, but it has never been very convenient. Now that I have a computer in my pocket and the excellent podcast management app BeyondPod , I listen to something pretty much nonstop. My favourite feature of BeyondPod is SmartPlay. It lets you automate in a very customizable way how the player goes from episode to episode. (Mine is configured to always play the most recent episode across all my podcasts.) This means I have a constant stream of interesting music and talk all day with no manual intervention needed.

Since a few people  have asked what I’m listening to and if I have any suggestions, I thought I’d do a series of blog posts that list the various podcasts I’m listening to and give my thoughts on each of them. The posts will come out probably every week. Each post will address a particular category and will show you where to go to get more information.

Don’t hesitate to contact me for more information, and I’m absolutely open to suggestions for new podcasts for my playlist.