Original Recipe: http://allrecipes.com/recipe/heavenly-angel-food-cake/detail.aspx

Well, I’ve been making pastry cream by the boat load, so I’ve been freezing egg whites by the dozen. We finally decided it was time to do something about them. Ellen had never made an angel food cake from scratch, so we decided to try. We found this super easy recipe and it turned out beautifully! So delicious! Since we made bomboloni again yesterday, we have a ton of pastry cream and egg whites. Today we’re making more angel food cake and will serve it with pastry cream and strawberries!

Yield: 1 pan

Verdict: A personal favourite!

UPDATE (2012-08-19): Much to my sadness, the original recipe link no longer works! I don’t have it written down anywhere either. So I went searching for another 12-egg-white recipe. Here’s what I found. It worked great!


UPDATE 2016: I now only make angel food cake by weight, as described on this post. .