Part of the Adventures in Baking (AiB) series.

Original recipe:

Oh—my—goodness. This was divine! It is super, super rich. A tiny slice is all you need. Because I know nobody would believe that I made this, I’m attaching pictures. I only had a 10-inch pan, so it’s not as tall, but for a first attempt, I think it looks pretty good. It tastes terrific!

Actual yield: N/A

Verdict: Delicious! Keeper!

UPDATE (18 MAY 2012): I’ve made the cake a few times over the intervening months, but my most recent foray included some 70% dark chocolate (4 oz) in both of the bottom two layers. The final verdict was that it was a touch too bitter. It looks like straight semi-sweet is best (60% at the most). Also, make sure you have enough white chocolate. I undermeasured a little and the result was an insufficient contrast between the flavours.

Still in the pan Still in the pan

Springform pan removed Springform pan removed

Interior shot Interior shot

Cake slice Cake slice