Part of the Adventures in Baking (AiB) series.

Original recipe:

This was divine! I didn’t have any bittersweet chocolate, so I made it with straight semi-sweet. (My research says they’re very similar.) I did end up buying some proper bittersweet chocolate and I will report on any taste difference when I make it again. This is a very rich mousse. You don’t need a lot. It’s a very thick texture that only gets firmer after sitting. Adele really, really enjoyed it. Of course the kids did, too, but they would have loved chocolate pudding just as much. This is definitely a grown-up recipe.

Actual yield: I again doubled the recipe (there are 7 girls to feed) and I ended up with 10 small cups (6×10 oz).

Verdict: Definite keeper. Make for a special grown-up occasion, though. The kids will be fine with Jello Pudding 🙂