Part of the Adventures in Baking (AiB) series.

Original recipe:

This is one of my “cheating” recipes that use box mixes. Again, there never seems to be enough batter! Even with an 8×8 pan I couldn’t quite cover the Oreo layer. The box said 35 minutes cooking time, the recipe says 40–50. I did a full 50 and the centre still ended up undercooked. It doesn’t taste particularly stellar either. I haven’t decided if I’ll try this again. If I did, I wouldn’t use ice cream; I would just use straight cream (cheaper and no chemicals). The other brownies I made today seem more promising.

All in all, today was a disappointing baking day. It doesn’t look like I’ll have more baking time until next Monday. We’ll see.

Actual yield: One 8×8 pan.

Verdict: Not sure yet. Sounds great on paper, but it didn’t work well in execution.