Part of the Adventures in Baking (AiB) series.

Original recipe:

These are essentially frozen custards. They are delicious, but mine didn’t look anything like the pictures. First, I didn’t have large muffin tins. I used cupcake tins instead. My diced peaches were also quite large. The original picture doesn’t show any peach pieces at all. I also couldn’t get my custard to set. The recipe doesn’t make it clear you have to keep cooking the custard after adding the egg yolks back in. Even though I kept cooking it, it still didn’t thicken. I’m still doing some research, but I think I was supposed to add the custard to the eggs more slowly and let them heat up before adding them back to the custard. Since they were frozen, it’s wasn’t that big of a deal. They still tasted great (though you really do need foil liners—they thaw quickly and the paper just made things messy), though I’m pretty sure the texture would have been better with properly set custard.

Actual yield: I doubled the recipe and ended up with 48 cupcake-sized custards.

Verdict: Keeper. Though the kids had a hard time eating them frozen (they’re cold to hold and bite in to), they still reported enjoying them and a few of them have had them multiple days in a row.