Part of the Adventures in Baking (AiB) series.

Original recipe:

These are delicious—assuming you like coconut! The recipe called for a 9×13 pan, but since all my brownies so far have been too skimpy on the batter, I went with an 8×11.5 pan. Well as luck would have it, this recipe actually creates enough batter. The result were brownies slightly undercooked in the middle. They’re supposed to be moist in the middle, but the next time I make these I will use a 9×13 and see what I get. And I will be making these again. They’re delicious! These are especially good if somebody’s not a big fan of chocolate but likes brownies. I love coconut though, which is a must with this recipe.

Actual yield: A 9×13 pan of goodness.

Verdict: Definite keeper. The kids really like them, especially the chocolate hater (#6).