Part of the Adventures in Baking (AiB) series.

Original recipe:

Well I found something my wondrous Vitamix does not do that well. The mixture this recipe creates is a thick chunky paste that ends up mostly stuck under the blades of the blender. It did an OK job, but I’m going to try to find another way. I was pretty sure the kids wouldn’t love these, so I just did one batch. I did put in a little extra spice and applesauce. I couldn’t find any bottles of apple pie spice, so I made my own. The recipe I used was 4 units cinnamon, 2 units of nutmeg, and 1 unit of cardamom. I also saw a recipe of equal parts cinnamon, nutmeg, cardamom, and allspice. I might try that the next time I make these. Anyway, the result is actually quite tasty. I can’t say it was delicious, but it was pleasantly flavourful and is all natural as far as carbs go. Give it a try!

Actual yield: 6 2″ diameter balls

Verdict: Keeper. Some kids might even like ’em!