Finally took a summer vacation and went and visited some family in BC. Got a little gaming done the first week, got a lot done the second. Here’s what we played.

Some friends and I were complaining that we never had time to play games. I commonly say that one has to “make time for games,” so I decided to organize a weekend where we would just block the time off and play as many games as want. Since there’s already a big boardgame convention in the fall , I thought booking one in the spring would be best. Since my birthday is in May, that was the month we chose. Not everyone could make it, but we got some playtime in regardless. We played Friday night and Saturday afternoon and evening. Here’s what we played, in alphabetical order.

I had a chance to spend a few days with some cousins, and that meant some dedicated hours of two-player gaming. Most of the games I discuss here can be played by more than two players, but my reviews will focus on the two-player experience. I’m just going to list them in alphabetical order.

FallCon is an annual boardgaming convention that takes place in Calgary, Alberta, over three days (Friday night, all day Saturday, and Sunday morning/afternoon; 28 hours total). This year was FallCon 31. I haven’t been able to attend FallCon for a while, but I’m so happy to be back and don’t plan on missing another year, if I can help it. Being the “game guy” in the family, I almost never have opportunities to play games I didn’t purchase myself. So FallCon is a rare opportunity to experience new games first hand.

A huge thank you to the FallCon committee and volunteers for making the convention possible!

Someone at work asked me for some good two-player games. Since this is a whole topic in itself, I thought I’d write a blog post about it. It’s a long one, so get comfortable.