I’ve finally found a basic butter chicken sauce recipe that I’ve tweaked and am very happy with. I love how flexible it is. Adjust to taste! I used it to make butter chicken meatballs for a work event. I liked them so much I made them at least three or four times over the holidays.

For the first time in quite a while, I finally emptied my podcast queue. I listen to so many that there’s always another one to listen to, but I guess I’ve been listening a lot, recently. Since it has been a few years since I last talked about podcasts, I thought I’d do another post and just list a few of my favourites. Here are 20 or so (out of about 80), roughly categorized, in no specific order.

FallCon is an annual Calgary boardgaming convention. This year was number 32! It’s 28 hours of gaming goodness that includes hosted events, a massive game library and open gaming area, an auction and flea market, merchants, and even has an escape room and an Artemis Bridge Simulator area.

Before going further, let me just say how great the FallCon team is. Every team member I interacted with was happy to be there. Every game host taught with patience and enthusiasm. From Brent’s warm welcome at the door that first night to the “see you next year” as I left Sunday afternoon, everybody was smiling and helpful. And the fellow attendees were similarly great. I’ve yet to have an unpleasant experience at the table (knocks on wood), and you start to recognize people from year to year. The venue is also great—easy to get to, plenty of room, and a few food options nearby. It’s just a great way to spend a weekend.