Had the privilege of looking after a cousin’s kids for a few weeks over September and October. They live close to my sister, too, so I also get to spend extra time with them. I was still working, and now that the kids are older there was much driving around, so things were really busy, but I made sure to bring lots of games because I knew there would be at least a few days where we could game ourselves sick. I brought maybe half my collection. It’s hard to say. Two huge suitcases and a box full.

After our bunny Sport died, his brother, Mr. Floopy, needed lots more personal attention. (Rabbits are very social animals. Single rabbits need at least 2 hours a day of interaction.) Floopy also happens to enjoy watching TV. The result has been me being “forced” (Ouch! Stop twisting my arm!) to sit and groom Floopy most weeknights while watching Netflix. So I did more binge watching than usual last year. A few people had asked for recommendations, so I thought I’d just do a quick list of the shows I’ve seen and mostly liked. I’m not going to talk about stuff I ended up not liking. Enjoy!

I got away last week and was able to spend time with a bunch of nieces and nephews (ages 9–18). I brought three suitcases of games and we got through most of them. The total ended up being 25 individual games played over 60 times. Here’s an alphabetical list of games we played, including a link to Board Game Geek (where you can get more information on the game) and a count of the number of times we played. This is a long post, so dig in.

Just finished a 26-hour (return) road trip that was saved only by the many, many podcasts I had on hand. Then I realized I hadn’t talked about my podcasts yet this year. So here we go! Instead of breaking up my podcast list over multiple posts as I’ve done in previous years, I’m going to just list them all 78 of them in a single table that you can sort and look through.

I don’t know why I never thought of it before, but you can go and buy egg whites in a carton at the store. How do they work when making meringues? Actually, they work really well!

I’ve been trying to be more adventurous in my cooking lately. It was getting to the point where there were really only a handful of dishes I could reliably make. It gets boring! I’m also trying to find more meals with fewer carbs and more meals with leftovers I can bring to work.

To further reduce my hosting costs (which were already quite low), I decided to move away from WordPress (which requires a relatively expensive database backend) and move to a flat-file system—specifically, Grav .

Finally got all the ingredients together for an excellent-looking seven-grain bread from the ever-excellent Gisslen book Professional Baking. It may just be my favourite bread so far! But Adele says I say that about every new bread recipe I try 🙂 She still prefers the oatmeal bread , but I’m going to keep making the...