This is part of my podcast series of posts . Below is a list of the various podcasts (in alphabetical order) and my thoughts on each of them. The name of the podcast is linked to the feed itself. The “(info)” link will take you to the podcast’s homepage. As for ratings, clearly I like the podcast at least somewhat or I wouldn’t have it on the list at all. So I’m going with a 3-star system. Three stars means I look very forward to the next episode and almost always listen to the entire episode. Two stars are ones I still really enjoy, but I sometimes skip at least parts of the episode, maybe even half. One stars are podcasts that I feel are hit and miss. I will routinely skip sections of the podcast and occasionally skip an entire episode.

As with any category, “Education & Culture” is pretty arbitrary. For example, my science-related podcasts don’t appear here because there are enough to put in a category of their own.

Again, let me know if you have any questions, and don’t hesitate to make suggestions for other podcasts I should listen to.

  • A Way with Words  (info ) - Frequency: weekly (including rebroadcasts)
  • Avg. Duration: <60 minutes
  • My Rating: 1 star

This is a syndicated radio broadcast that talks all about language and words. Very informative, and occasionally a little funny, too.

  • Nerdzilla  (info ) - Frequency: monthly (roughly)
  • Avg. Duration: 1–2 hours
  • My Rating: 1 star

This Australian podcast is lots of fun, but I admit I skip episodes on topics that don’t interest me. They discuss all things nerd, including Dr. Who, comics, and movies.

This is a typical roundtable with various NPR folks who talk about various pop culture topics. I enjoy it for the most part, though sometimes I zone out when they’re talking about something I’m just not interested in.

This is a more eclectic podcast that focuses on scientific topics, but in a different sort of way. This is relatively new on my playlist, so I’m still getting a feel for what they’re trying to do, but I’m enjoying it so far.

  • Start the Week  (info ) - Frequency: weekly (Mondays)
  • Avg. Duration: 45 minutes
  • My Rating: 2 stars

This is a BBC Radio 4 program. It’s a roundtable that covers the gamut of topics, from science, to politics, to the arts. You never know what you’re going to get, but it’s always interesting.