This is part of my podcast series of posts . Below is a list of the various podcasts (in alphabetical order) and my thoughts on each of them. The name of the podcast is linked to the feed itself. The “(info)” link will take you to the podcast’s homepage. As for ratings, clearly I like the podcast at least somewhat or I wouldn’t have it on the list at all. So I’m going with a 3-star system. Three stars means I look very forward to the next episode and almost always listen to the entire episode. Two stars are ones I still really enjoy, but I sometimes skip at least parts of the episode, maybe even half. One stars are podcasts that I feel are hit and miss. I will routinely skip sections of the podcast and occasionally skip an entire episode.

The “Entertainment” category is somewhat arbitrary. Most of these podcasts include some news elements, and at least one could be seen as a part of a “Culture” category, but these are podcasts I listen to for laughs. And laugh I do. Almost without exception, these podcasts make me laugh out loud in public places. Some great stuff, here.

Again, let me know if you have any questions, and don’t hesitate to make suggestions for other podcasts I should listen to.

This is NPR’s news quiz. It follows a fixed format and includes a variable panel of comedians and a short interview with some celebrity or other. Every episode’s a winner. Don’t miss it.

This is a weird one. If you like Lovecraft and the whole Cthulhu mythos, then you’ll enjoy this for sure. If you like dry, indirect humour and are open to something a little creepy, you should at least give the first few episodes a try. I really enjoy this. I like the humour (particularly the running librarians “gag”), and every episode has a single musical interlude featuring a huge variety of indie artists.

I love this podcast. Scott Johnson and Brian Ibbott are a great team, and I enjoy all their contributors, too. They go over the news and pop culture and just somehow keep up hilarious banter for 2 hours. They, too, follow a stable format and have regular guests for each day of the week. This has quickly become the podcast I most look forward to every morning. Great stuff. Go download it now.

  • Caustic Soda  (info ) - Frequency: weekly
  • Avg. Duration: 60–75 minutes
  • My Rating: 2 stars

This show is almost educational, but the presentation takes it out of my Education & Culture category. They take some random subject (e.g., vampires, genocide, addiction), do a bunch of research on the subject, and then riff around the information. Informative and entertaining! (Occasional strong language is uncensored.)

  • The Bugle  (info ) - Frequency: weekly (roughly)
  • Avg. Duration: 30–45 minutes (not long enough!)
  • My Rating: 3 stars

This is another UK podcast that kills me every time I hear it. It features John Oliver (of Daily Show fame) and Andy Zaltman going nuts with current events. It’s just nonstop rants, rifs, and alliterative runs that keep me laughing the whole time. It’s too short!! (Occasional strong language is censored.)

  • Film Sack  (info ) - Frequency: every 1–2 weeks
  • Avg. Duration: 60–90 minutes
  • My Rating: 2 stars

This is another Frogpants production featuring Scott Johnson and a group of friends who sit down to watch a movie (sometimes old crap ones and sometimes new hotness) and go to town. They sometimes do running commentary tracks, too. I so miss Mystery Science Theatre 3000 ! I skip episodes talking movies that just don’t interest me, but every episode I listen too is a winner. Funny stuff.