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Original recipe:

This post finally catches me up through yesterday.

I am not a cheesecake fan, but because I love my wife, I brought some cheesecake recipes too. This was my first attempt.

This recipe makes a boat load of cheesecake. I used a 9″ pie pan and it was full to overflowing. If you buy those little packs of two graham (or Oreo) crusts, you could fill both of them. I didn’t know this when I started, so I only made one crust. (I have no idea if it tastes better than the store bought graham crusts, but I’d bet it does.) Adele did not complain :)

I added extra Oreos, but you really need to add some nice fudge sauce to get a good chocolate flavour. In this recipe I did use the boxed Oreo crumbs.

Actual yield: One 9″ very full cheesecake or two of the store-bought crusts full.

Verdict: Adele enjoyed it very much. It appears to be a decent cheesecake recipe.